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Calculating The Right Amount Of Fats Needed By Your Body!

While the Keto diet, with an abundant fat content, is drawing most of our attention, it becomes imperative to wonder about the exact amount of fat a healthy body needs to thrive. Firstly, it is important to understand that some fat is important for us. Some very healthy body functions, like the processing of vitamin A and E, require fat due to their fat solubility.

Incorporating fat in our everyday diet not only helps us curb the hunger we experience in between meals, but also helps our meals feel more satisfying, which is important on a weight check diet. A healthy adult should derive 20% to 35% of the calories from fat, as brought forward by the Nutrition and Dietetics department. We must know that a tablespoon of olive oil can account for almost 10% of a 1200 calorie each day diet for curbing weight.

The American Council on Exercise suggests a simple formula to formulate a more personal fat intake quantity calculation for each person. To derive the least amount we can multiple 0.4 with our body weight, similarly multiplying 0.5 without body weight gives us the maximum limit.

It is also important to identify the kind of fats we consume. Poly and mono-saturated fat foods are mostly recommended for fat consumption. Saturated fats should be limited and Trans-fats should be completely avoided. Trans-fat is slowly being wiped out of the shelves, yet they might just be around till the end of 2020. Hence reading the detailed ingredients list for any item is of utmost importance.

A list of a few sources of fat would contain Mono-saturated fats which are found in nuts and olive, Poly-saturated fats found mostly in walnuts, salmon etc. Saturated fats are mostly found in coconut, butter and other daily products. Trans-fat is found mostly in packaged products. An easy recommended switch is to replace red meat with a fatty fish every week.


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