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Wisconsin State In Renegotiation With Foxconn Over LCD Plant Deal

Tony Evers, who is the governor for Wisconsin informed that they are revisiting the contact with Foxconn. The deal was about building a big LCD unit in Wisconsin. Foxconn is a contract manufacturer from Taiwan. This change in deal has been proposed by Foxconn.

The disclosure was sent by Evers to Louis Woo. He is one of the executives at Foxconn. Louis is working as a special assistant to Terry Gou, the Chairman of the company. In this contract, Louis is the point of contact from Foxconn.

The announcement of this LCD manufacturing unit was grand. It was help in White House and the participants were President Donald Trump, executives from Foxconn and the ex-governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

Foxconn announced to build a manufacturing complex outside Racine of Wisconsin. They declared to invest $10 billions in this project. This project is supposed to bring 13000 jobs in the market. Wisconsin governor had promised to provide the company with incentives worth $4.5 billions. The state was also willing to improve the infrastructural facility. But now the plan is supposed to change. Foxconn is thinking about changing the product mix at the unit. Woo informed at the beginning of 2019 that they might scale back the plans. President Donald Trump intervened in the project after this announcement. The company is supposed to come back with its plans later in the year.

The legislature of the state is in the hands of the Republicans. They are accusing Evers of sabotaging this contract. Evers is a part of the Democratic Party.

In the letter, Evers informed that Woo spoke with him along with Robin Vos (the State Assembly speaker) and Scott Fitzgerald (the majority leader at the Senate) about bringing in some changes in the contract. Evers also informed that Foxconn is yet to specify the changes.


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