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Honda Recalls 1.6 Million Cars Over Problems With Takata Airbags

After reports confirming 200 injuries and 14 deaths this year due to Takata airbags, Honda has decided to call back 1.6 million in the United States. This is the fifth phase, and supposedly the final phase of recalls, which will see Honda and Acura cars getting recalled which were manufactured in the period between 2003 and 2015. All of these cars are being recalled for the second time. This time they’ll see their inflators, which were also manufactured by Takata, getting replaced.

The new replacement inflators will be manufactured by some other company. After the recall began in May 2016, the company has successfully completed 83 per cent recall of Takata airbags and is well on course to complete it six months before the deadline set by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. By the end of this phase, Honda will account for 22.6 million airbag inflators being recalled in over 12 million vehicles. A total of 16 deaths have been reported due to faulty airbag inflators; 14 in Honda cars and 2 in Ford cars. The airbag inflators manufactured by Takata had ammonium-nitrate based propellant, which was vulnerable to blast quickly and shoot shrapnel right towards the people inside. Takata were aware of the defect but it didn’t admit it initially for four years.

Talking of road safety, Florida has formulated new driving rules to ensure better driving within the state. The biggest change will be the law that makes texting while driving a primary offence. The new law allows law enforcement officers to go the harsh way if needed over the offenders. Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis stated that around 233 deaths and over 50,000 accidents have been registered of late due to distracted driving. Florida is one of the last states to make texting and driving a primary driving offence.


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